5 Interesting Facts of Aadhar Card

Written by Cathrine

An identity card which contains 12 digit Unique Identity Number or UID, is now mandatory to use in different schemes and activities. Aadhaar card has been mandatory to be linked with various saving schemes like Public Provident Fund and Kisan Vikas Patra to bank accounts.

Applying for Permanent Account Number also seeks quoting of Aadhaar. The government has announced deadline for December 31, 2017 to link Aadhaar card or Unique Identity Number (UID) with PPF, National Savings Certificate (NSC), Kisan Vikas Patra, PPF, and Post Office Accounts.

One interesting fact about Aadhar card is that there is no age limit to obtain Aadhar card? Based on biometric data of the person and issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India, Aadhar is an identity number which is based on biometric data which is obtained at any age, according to UIDAI on Twitter. Visit for more details at:

Here are some of the interesting facts you need to know about Aadhaar card –

  1. There is no age limit to enroll for Aadhar card. Even infants can get enrolled for it. When they are turned 5 years old, the fingertips scans and iris scans of the child is updated on Aadhaar. According to UIDAI, “When your child reaches 5 years old, it is mandatory to get their biometrics updated to Aadhaar card. Bal Aadhaar is considered invalid if you are failed to do this.
  2. According to the UIDAI, Aadhar is equally important for the senior citizens.
  3. Provided by the Unique Identity Number and Aadhaar organization UIDAI, Aadhaar Enrollment system also has provision for people with ‘missing biometrics or ill-defined fingerprints”.
  4. People suffering from eye diseases like retina damage, cataracts, or complete/partial blindness can also get Aadhaar card, according to UIDAI.
  5. Even if someone in family doesn’t have any valid document, one can enroll for Aadhar card.

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