Brian Carr Naples Cheers for the Glorious Notre Dame

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team is one of the most celebrated intercollegiate football teams. This brilliant team boasts of emerging victorious in more than ten national championships.  They are also one of the record holders who have won the prestigious Heisman Trophy seven times.  All the home games of Notre Dame have been appearing on NBC since 1991 which is an exceptional feat as they are the only school whose games are contracted to be televised.

Brian Carr: Ardent fan and a Board Member of the Notre Dame Alumni Club

Being a passionate football lover and also a member of the Media & Information Team of the Notre Dame Alumni Club, he can easily recount their greatest hits of all times. Be it Harry Oliver’s memorable 51-yard field goal or the epic 10-10 tie with Michigan State in 1966. Their landmark home victories over top-ranked teams in 1988 and 1993 definitely stand out. Not to mention the popular four Horsemen of Notre Dame, who become few of the notable names in the history of collegiate football.

Like all great things, Notre Dame also shares a remarkable journey from its beginning till today’s date. Nov. 23, 1887 marked the auspicious day when the journey of football inaugurated in this college. While their first match did not result in a win, it’s their journey from there which is the true testament to their achievements.

Their path to success was not always smooth, but they did overcome each obstacle with flying colors. Brian Carr Naples recently stated that “Notre Dame Football controls their own destiny”, in reference to them having one of the toughest schedule. This statement couldn’t hold any more truth.  Even after facing defeats and countless challenges, this team has managed to bounce back with vigor proving that they are indeed the controllers of their own destiny.

Football is not just a sport; it’s a tradition, a festival for the people of Notre Dame. This team has one of the most widespread fans following among the college football teams. Many fans, including Brian P Carr even supported a movement to move Super Bowl for college football, as they gained a massive viewership. These fans are known for their immense passion and whole hearted support for the sport.

Its rich history is celebrated joyfully in the campus during the event of Game Day. This all day event celebrates the spirit of football, as the Notre Dame team invites all to take part in their jubilance. It starts off with a traditional prayer walk followed by the players entering the stadium for the warm up. Fans enter the stadium early to catch this warm up session. As the game start off, the fans stand throughout, cheering, screaming, dancing and rejoicing. With the conclusion of the game, the team sings the alma mater song along with the student body.

This grand event is ended with an equally majestic fashion as the Irish guard performs their traditional Victory Clog for fans.

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