Calvary Houston – 3 Amazing Benefits of Prays Can Have on Your Family

Written by Cathrine

In the digital age, people in almost every society feel there is an increasing need to bring family members together as a cohesive unit. Pressures of modern day living like hectic work schedules, distractions new technology poses and general lack of eagerness to do something productive for community make this goal difficult to attain. Moreover, these individuals feel human beings are living in an age where their basic religious values are coming under attack. Many theologian experts explain that when family members taking the initiative to pray together, it beings them closer to each other and the Almighty. According to them, this simple yet powerful act can go a long way in changing the mood of the household from frustration to joy and harmony.

Calvary Houston – 3 Amazing benefits of praying together as a family

The ardent worshipers of Calvary Houston , a prominent church in California, say prayers are an integral part of life a devoted Christian as it is with people of other religious life. They point out when members of a family start to pray together, each one of them understand the importance of being intimate with the Divine Creator. They go on to clarify that love of the Almighty can have a powerful impact on lives of each of these individuals in ways they can never imagine. They further state the following amazing benefits of family members can enjoy when they start to pray together:

  1. It provides an outlet for their deepest insecurities

When members of your family pray together, it gives each one of them an opportunity to release their innermost insecurities and frustrations.  It also gives you and other members of your family the chance to forgive each other. This could turn out to be a time-consuming process and each one of your family members may have to do plenty of soul-searching. However, it acts a catalyst in bring your family members closer together and to God.

  1. It heals individuals mentally and physically

Extensive studies show that people who pray regularly are physically and emotionally healthier than those who do not. It can go a long way in helping individuals overcome the symptoms of depression and loneliness. In many cases, it can also cure them of terminal disorders to the astonishment of the experts of the medical community. You need to realize that prayers have spiritual powers that can heal the emotional wounds your family members and you are suffering from due to unfortunate events. This helps to strengthen your family’s relationship with each other and the Almighty.

  1. Enhances communication between individual members

You perhaps already know that communication is an essential ingredient in any healthy relationship. From the dawn of civilization, prayers have been a way for human beings to interact intimately with the Divine. When your family members and you take the initiative to pray together, it opens up lines of communication with each other and God. This helps to strengthen the relationship your family members have with each other.

Senior Pastor Ron Hindt , Calvary Houston and the author of ‘Seed Thoughts: A Daily Devotional’ says family members who take the initiative to pray together tend to stay together. They can rely on each other for emotional support in difficult situations. This goes a long way in improving their relationship for the better.


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