Charles Nucci Advices on How to Get Customer Appealing Product Photograph

Written by Cathrine

A Photograph speaks millions of words. They are the soul of the subject. It’s most essential part of attracting the audience to your subject matter. Naturally, product photography has become a key feature. In this world of technology, every business has a digital life where most of their customers interact. Hence, a good product photograph forms the very basis of such e-commerce platforms and just like product descriptions; they drive up the traffic to your website. As per Charles Nucci , San Francisco, that not just the web, magazines, billboards, pamphlets and various other modes of advertising require good product photographs.

The mind records things as a set of motion pictures. Hence, photographs play a crucial role in remembering and comparing different products and further suggesting it to more people. So, it has far-reaching consequences. Despite knowing all these, often we are quite lax about the utility of good product photographs. While hiring professional photographers might not be a feasible option for many enterprises but we can still improve the quality of photographs by keeping certain things in mind. So here are some tips on how to get customer appealing photographs.

Make sure you get a clear contrast photograph

More often than not we see images of products which seem unattractive. The problem is not that much with the product rather it’s in the way it has been photographed. Remember product photography demands all attention on the product highlighting its key features. Any kind of background disturbance isn’t desired. Hence, we use a light background, which gives the product a clear contrast. A single white color background or light blue color background enhances the key features of the product making it more bright and attractive. In case of a product being white or any other color that doesn’t go well compared with the light background, then go for a black background. Contrast is the first yardstick of product photography.

The light and the angles

Having a good contrast isn’t enough, a good light source which creates a good soft and hard shadow balance is essential. Use diffusers to distribute this shadow in order to get an even-toned picture rather than just a drop down shadow. Hard shadows are removed by this way and they enhance the picture quality to a greater extent. Charles Nucci , says that the angle of photography is equally important here. You can’t just click picture from any angle, you have to keep in mind the aspect ratio and size of the product in question when you photograph. This is essential so that customers get to know the actual size and structure of the photograph. A front wide-angle view, a back wide-angle view, and some side angle views are necessary to get a clear idea about the product. So it’s essential you get pictures from all these angles.

Go for in context photos

Lastly, the customers need an in-context photograph in order to match the product with their actual utility.. They can try it out themselves but they can surely get an idea how it looks when it’s being used. So, in-context product photographs look appealing to l the customers.

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