Harley Reagan- A Spiritual Seeker & Inspiring Teacher To All Across The Globe

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Life has its share of good and bad however there are some people that step into your life at the darkest hour with the mission to spread light and hope. These people become your guide and mentor. They show you the path and ensure that you are not alone in your dark journey. Staying with them also means that they will teach you many things that have value in life and they fondly become the teachers that are remembered for their patience, advice and of course love.

Harley Reagan- A Teacher who still inspires you today

When it comes to teachers they not only are with you here but they still inspire you even after they have gone. They teach you valuable lessons in life that stay and inspire you all the time. One such teacher that has really created an impact on the lives of many people across the world is Harley Reagan . He is known for the good things that he has taught to his followers and is fondly called Swiftdeer!

He was a multi-talented individual and known for his expertise in martial arts. He was excellent in techniques and also worked with proficient Black Belt holders from other niches. His peers respected him for what he was and knew. He was also fond of shooting and his Deer Tribe Gun Club still conducts annual events in his honor. There are matches that are held every month so that people can compete in them and hone their shooting skills. He was also a training counselor in NRA and held NRA classes throughout the whole year.

A Man with many talents

He was not only an excellent shooter but he passed on the skills on how to shoot safely and like an expert to his peers and followers. He believed in giving back to the society as he was an immensely genuine man who ensured that gun handling should be done with skill. He was a seeker and this is why he read a lot. He had an impressive base of knowledge and wisdom that he fondly shared with others. He was a generous and very kind individual. He was more of a grandfather to others over a teacher.

If you check his knowledge and wisdom in the field of spirituality, it is deep and intense. He was the Founder of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. This was a body of deep wisdom and knowledge for others to walk on. This Path has helped many people across the globe find solace and bliss in life!

Harley Reagan also told his followers not to believe in what he said but to validate it.  He was an honest and upfront individual. He was full of life and zest. He never liked considering himself as a master or a guru. He was very human and had the good and the bad traits that  every human possesses. His deep knowledge and wisdom had been exemplary and this is why he is still remembered and respected by people who knew him across the globe.

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