Heated wiper blades for your vehicle

Written by Cathrine

Heated wiper blades come in many different shape and sizes.  When you purchase a vehicle from a manufacturer, the new car comes with standard tyres and standard windscreen wipers. These wipers are not adapted for the winter. Just like tyres, you need to change the wipers and use wipers adapted for the winter conditions.

Reasons for adopting wipers for the season

  • Efficiency – wiper blades made for winter conditions are more efficient than those that are not. If it is snowing for an instant, winter wiper blades are heated, hence they can melt the snow while wiping which is not the case for normal wiper blades. Also, in the morning after a very cold night, instead of scraping the snow off because traditional blades either are frozen or do not function or have to painstakingly wipe the snow off. The heated blade wipes the snow quickly and efficiently.
  • Safety – If you do not adapt the wipers for the winter, there is a greater risk to cause or be involved in an accident because of reduced visibility. Heated wiper blades are specifically made for winter conditions. They quickly melt the snow build-up keeping the windscreen clear.
  • Durability – Specifically adapted wiper blade for the winter are made with special material. Where traditional wiper blades can wear and tear through friction with snow, the heated blades are adapted for the season and have a longer lifespan.

Heated wiper blades for your vehicle can be purchased in a kit or as a single part. There are many price comparison sites on the internet that will give you an estimate of the average price, but if you purchase an entire set, here is what you should find inside the kit

  1. Two blades – the blades in a vehicle are for the driver’s side and the passenger’s side. Usually, drivers side is longer and covers a larger surface of the windscreen. Also, the blade must be specifically made for the maker of your vehicle.
  2. A sensor – There are different types of heated wiper blades. Some are completely automatic and can activate independently, while others need to be turned on manually. Those automatic have a sensor that detects the ambient weather to activate.

Purchasing you windscreen blade

Heated wiper blade that you choose to purchase can have blades made either of rubber or silicone. These are the two materials that wiper blades are made off. You can then choose for better grip and durability. For instance, wiper blades that have hardened rubber are stronger and more resistant. Obviously, the heated wiper blade that you choose should be specifically made for your vehicle model taking into consideration all these elements.

Heated wiper blade for your vehicle has to be adapted for the maker of the vehicle. There are many different types to choose from. Shopping around is the best method to learn what is available and the prices. The rule is, the more expensive your car is, the more expensive will be the specific wiper blade adapted for your car model.


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