Honda X Blade: All You Need To Know.

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A motorbike is a very common vehicle and the most popular one among the men. There are different companies who manufacture the best quality of bikes with different features. One such company is Honda.  It has been manufacturing its motorcycle since 1959. From the beginning, till now it has maintained its superior quality and always introduced a new feature on every bike. There are various bikes manufactured by Honda such as Honda X Blade, Honda CD 110 Dream, Honda Dream Neo etc. here we are going to discuss honda x blade and all you need to know about this amazing bike. It is counted among one of the best and comfortable bikes of Honda. This bike is attractive in looks and infatuates very easily due to its unique features. It has earned 4.5 out of 5 in terms of ratings from the customers.This model of Honda is giving atough competition to other motorcycles.It is one the latest and top-selling bike by Honda.

All About Honda X Blade

The popularity of honda x blade is because of its specification and unique features. The following are some facts and features related to this bike.

  • It is an aggressive sporty bike with the unique and sharp design. This aggressive sporty look infatuates most of the men toward it.
  • The foundation of this bike is based on the Honda CB Hornet 160R. also, it is less expensive than its later despite being a better and refined version of it.
  • It is a petrol based bike with 160 cc engine which makes it a fuel efficient bike.
  • It has a badge of X blade with chiseled lines as well as tank extensions black in color.
  • It has a self-start option with a digital meter.
  • This bike is available in five different attractive colors such as Pearl Black,Matte Green Metallic, Blue Metallic, Spartan Red and silver metallic.
  • It has five gears with link-type gear shifter which facilitates in smoothers and précised shifts.
  • It is comfortable and safe bike as it has a long seat with a hazard switch.
  • This bike is specifically designed to deliver a good range performance.
  • The sporty look of the bike is accompanied by the LED Headlamps. This bike has nine LED headlamps of different positions. It has a robot design because of which attracts people toward it.
  • It is a lightweight bike with high speed and good mileage.
  • It is a bike with a sober look with fully sporty experience.
  • The designer of this bike has given special attention to the riding position. Due to which they had taken all the measure to facilitate a comfortable riding position which does not cause any pain while riding the bike.
  • It is similar to unicorn design in terms of comfort, utility, and design.

So if one is planning to buy a decent motorcycle with sporty feel then honda X blade is the best option. it is giving tough completion to its competitors and infatuating the most of the youths in many countries where is launched.

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