House Wall Painting Designs and Ideas for Interior and Exterior Walls

Written by Cathrine

Painting your home can seem like a bizarre task, but with a few tricks and the right tools, this project can be very painless. Applying fresh paint on your house will give your home a whole new fresh look that will last for years. Fortified with a bit of knowledge you home is sure to look great with paint that will sustain.

Steve Silvers Empire Today is the ex- CEO of Empire Today. He presently runs Paint Squad, an innovative home improvement company. Exterior paint comes in two basic types: oil based alkyd and water based latex. Latex is easy to clean up, dries quickly and does not have a strong smell whereas alkyds are not effortlessly removed from surfaces, dry slowly and smell of solvents. At first glimpse, you would think that choosing between these two kinds would be a no-brainer, but latex is chosen by many professional painters because it dries with very few brush strokes, is durable and stain resistant. It is probably best to stick with latex paints if you are a first time or amateur do-it-yourself. Always make certain to read the instructions on the side of the container you prefer. The label will give you instructions on how to remove any accidents and prepping the surface area.

When undertaking a home project, prepping your painting surface is one of the most significant steps. For the best results, the paint needs to effectively adhere to the surface you wish to cover without impediments like mildew, dirt or other residues. The easiest, quickest way to prepare an outdoor painting project is to power wash any old covering and debris from the surface. If you do not have a power washer, you can usually rent them from a local hardware store. Always read the safety instructions for your power washer and take all obligatory safety precautions. You should take the time to putty fill any small holes you see after power washing your home. If the old paint is in good condition you should be able to roll over it without any trouble. Scrape and sand any spots where you see blistered or flaking paint.

After all that, prepping you ready to apply the colors of your preference. The finest way to apply the paint is to use both a brush and a roller. The roller will assist you to speed through large areas while your brush can cover the narrow edges and surfaces. Do not wait too long before coloring narrow and wide areas because the paint will dry erratically and you will not like the completed product. Always start from the top of your project down to evade lap and spill marks. Steve Silvers Empire Today launched his own start-up residential and commercial painting company, guiding all aspects of the business.

Painting your home seems like a lot of work, but truly it is an easy and fun project that will leave you with a big alteration that will last for a few years.

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