How to Make the Best Meal Replacement Shake

Written by Cathrine

Imagine a situation where you come back from work and you are too tired to cook. You just want to take a shower and get some rest. But then again, you are very hungry and cannot imagine spending the night on an empty stomach. What do you do? You have no choice but to make a proper meal, sit down and eat it. However, did you know that you could actually replace the particular meal that you are trying to dodge making?

It is true. You can replace a meal with a healthy meal replacement shake and still meet all the nutritional goals of a well-balanced meal. Shakes have become the next famous meal replacement plans today and everyone is going for them. It doesn’t matter which shake you choose, as long as it suits all your requirements, you are good to go!

Factors to consider while making a homemade healthy meal replacement shake

A homemade shake is actually one of the best meal replacement drinks. It is the perfect shake made from the comfort of your home. In addition, one amazing fact about this is that you get to choose all the ingredients yourself. Therefore, you pretty much know what you are putting in your system. You can decide to make it as tasty as you want by adding your favorite fruits and flavors.

The following are some of the factors that you really need to give attention while making your homemade healthy meal replacement shake.

  1. Ensure that your shake includes a carbohydrate base. This could be in form of your favorite fruit such as a banana. You can also use oats to create a base for your shake. Carbohydrates are very important in the body and therefore including them in your shake will ensure you get the healthiest shake.
  2. Add a protein base to your shake. Among all the macro-nutrients that a body needs, proteins are very important. Especially if you are trying to lose weight, proteins are very good and could help you burn some fat. Our preferences vary in terms of which types of proteins we add on our shakes. But just to mention a couple of proteins that you could include on your meal replacement drinks are milk, soy or casein and even, beef among others.
  3. You can add either vegetables or fruits but this is optional, as you do not want to overdo your shake. Vegetables such as spinach work excellently in conjunction with fruits as apples or mangoes to make the most delicious yet very healthy meal replacement shakes.
  4. Fats are optional in a meal replacement shake. However, if you like, you can add them as well. Peanut butter and avocado are among the fats that blend so well to give your shake an awesome taste!

After making your meal replacement drinks, it is entirely up to you to serve it the way you like. There are no rules to serving shake! To thicken your shake, you can add some ice cubes to get that texture of a normal milkshake. This is where it all gets interesting, you’ve got all the freedom to do as you wish to your shake but remember; do not interfere with its nutritional contents.

Recipes for best meal replacement shakes for Women.

To get a perfect meal replacement shakes for women that if rich in all the nutrients that your body needs for its healthy function, you must have the best ingredients. Some of these ingredients can be purchased locally in your nearest stores and at a very affordable price. Therefore, you do not have an excuse as to why you should not try managing your weight with a meal replacement plan that includes shakes.

The following is one of the best recipe that have so far proven to work for so many people in terms of weight management or even just as a meal replacement plan.

  1. The caramel shake (salted)

This is made from a scoop of whey protein that is salted and caramel flavor. You may also need a scoop of instant coffee granules, few drops of toffee flavor, milk or water, a banana and 10 ice cubes for thickness and voila, you have a drink to enjoy!

You can make tasty and delicious meal replacement shakes the way you want. As long as you get the ingredients right, you will never get the drink wrong!

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