How To Strengthen Your Middle Back

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Pain is often the result when your middle back muscles are weak. It is, therefore, really important to strengthen the lats and rhomboids in order to avoid any problems which may cause pain while doing your favorite sports or participating in daily living activities. The middle back muscles help to strengthen and support your core muscles and the strengthening of these muscles should not be left out of your workout regime. If your back muscles are weak, your abs and pecs will also not be as strong as they could be. Here are a few middle back exercises you can try:

Lat Pulldowns

The middle back muscles that extend around the sides of the body can be specifically targeted by doing pulldowns.

  • Face the cable machine and grasp the pulldown bar a bit wider than shoulder width. Puff out your chest and arch your back. Bend your elbows out and pull the bar down to your chest. Make sure to use a controlled and slow motion when doing this exercise.
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Instead of pulling the bar down when doing lat pulldowns, you pull yourself up when doing this exercise. Pull-ups target the rhomboids and lats. If you can’t do a proper pull-up yet, use an exercise band, a pull-up machine or do negative pull-ups.

  • Grasp a bar a bit wider than shoulder-width. While hanging, engage your back-muscles and try to pull yourself up. Let your elbows bend out to the side and pull up until your chin reaches the bar. You can use a resistance band if you need some assistance by draping it around the bar as well as your feet. Another option would be to do negative pull-ups – stand on a bench so you can reach the bar. Jump up and grasp the bar, then slowly lower your body with control.
  • Click here to read more about how to progress gradually into doing your first proper pull-up.

Inverted Rows

These are one of the best exercises to strengthen the middle-back.

  • Lie on your back underneath a barbell. Pull your chest up to the bar while keeping your body in a straight line. Engage the middle back muscles by drawing the shoulder blades together. You can make it harder for yourself by positioning your body in a horizontal way rather than in a vertical way. You can even do this exercise while using a table edge at home.

Cable Rows

Cable rows can be very effective for your middle back if you pull the cable toward your upper stomach.

  • Face the cable rowing machine, grasp the handles. Puff out your chest and arch your back. Pull your shoulders back and squeeze your shoulders together while pulling in the handle towards your stomach.

Upward Stretch

The upward stretch helps to keep the middle back muscles even and flexible. It prevents them from becoming pulled or strained when you exercise.

  • Sit upright with your back supported by a chair or wall. Lift your one arm over your head and then extend it farther to stretch the muscle. Repeat on both sides.

Toe Touches

  • Sit on a chair with your feet on the floor. Bend at your torso while keeping your back straight and then touch your toes with both hands. If this is too easy – move your feet further away from the chair to increase the stretch distance.

Elbow Tuck

This exercise is ideal as it does not put any stress on other parts of the body while strengthening and stretching the middle back.

  • Stand up straight and clasp your hands together behind your back, with arms extended. Pull your elbows towards each other. Also – tip your shoulders and head back slightly to increase the stretch. Hold for a few seconds.

Try Yoga And Pilates

Excellent positions form part of pilates and yoga regimes which will benefit the middle back muscles. Try to sign up for classes or do a series of workout videos at home. Read more about the benefits of Pilates.

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