Know From Brandon Drawz the Swimming Pool Etiquette And Enjoy the Sports

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Every sport has its own rules and etiquette to maintain, and it is believed that these formal regulations help in enhancing the performance. Since multiple swimmers are sharing this lane, these simple rules might help each one of them practice well.

Those who are seasoned, and have been training for quite a few years are aware of these rules, but when the beginners come and share the same lane and pool with them, the order is broken and forms the chaos. So it is essential you know it from Brandon Drawz before getting down in the pool. However, this is even possible if you see the seasoned professionals practicing in the same lane, but that might be a time consuming process. It’s definitely convenient to have Brandon share them accordingly.

  • There are swimmers of various categories, and each one of them has got varying speed. So before you get down in a particular lane, make sure you gauge the speed of each of these lanes. It is true that when the experienced swimmers keep passing the slower ones constantly, it really gets disappointing for them. So get down in the lane where the speed matches yours.
  • If you are just two swimmers in the lane, make sure you split it into two halves as that will make the practice sessions convenient and smooth.
  • When you get down in the lane and want to start your first lap, wait for some minutes after getting in the pool. Because starting the laps abruptly might lead to collision with the rest of the swimmers in the same lane. Give them the time to notice, let them adjust their positions accordingly, and you can start off then.
  • While joining the lane, the swimmers have the tendency to dive into the lane from the starting blocks. This is indeed distracting for the rest of the swimmers and once there a break in concentration, the chances of accidents and collisions keep increasing. Also the coaches suggest to take the dive only under their supervision. You are free to do it when the entire lap is empty.
  • If you intend to cross a swimmer who’s slow enough in the same lane, never forget to tap him in the foot. This is a sign that all the swimmers follow, and you tap will allow him to be aware of his intentions as well. He’ll definitely shift to the corner giving you enough space to pass by.

Pushing off the slow swimmer is an insult in the lane, and that is something you must avoid. Brandon Drawz believes that it is the responsibility of the athletes to maintain the decency in the swimming pools, and have the mutual understanding to prevent any obstruction or collision. It indeed feels terrible to be abandoned in the pool, and hence sharing it is the best way out. Have your practice sessions designed to make them most effective.

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