Looking For a Rare Collection? Here’s What Your Autograph Dealer Must Show

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As the world gets digitally active every single day, it is the photographs that make their prominence and leave behind the autographs. Gone are those days when people ran after the movie stars and reputed personalities with a pen and paper for their autographs. Nowadays, they catch hold of them with a smartphone and try taking selfies. But does that mean these autographs of reputed personalities have no value left with them? What are the autograph dealers doing then?

While finding an answer to such a series of question, it has been found that the autographs of those historical and world famous figures still adds value to one’s collection. Even though the Hollywood stars have always been a sought-after figure in the industry, and anything they sign does add value, not all the expensive autographed items in the world are by them.

What the Autograph Dealers Aim At While Looking for a Collection?

There are multiple sports icons, political figures and even a few outlaws whose autographed items are worth a lot, and it also carries relevance in the respective industries as well. Most of the dealers prefer having these autographs in their collection. Let’s take note of some of the most expensive celebrity autographs which they dream to have in their collection.

The Newspaper of John F. Kennedy

Nobody could ever imagine in the wildest of the dreams that a single newspaper would cost $40,000. When the newspaper is of the former President John F. Kennedy, and coincidentally it is the one that he signed just a couple of hours before his assassination, it is definitely worth the value. It is the edition of the Dallas Morning news which he signed on request of a woman, and considerably this is the last piece of paper he signed alive.

The Autographed Guitar of Jimmy Page

Apart from the Hollywood actors, it is the musicians whose belongings and the signature does hold immense value. And when it is someone like Jimmy Page whose career is stuffed with commercial success, it is apparent his autographed guitar will be of enormous value for possession. The fact that the guitar is still payable even after half a century does make it immensely valuable and it is worthy enough to pay $73,000 for it.

The Signed LP of John Lennon’s Murderer

When drama adds to an autograph, the value increases. Such was the incident with John Lennon. History records that John Lennon was shot dead by Mark Chapman on December 8, 1980, at his back for four times. Just five hours before the incident, Chapman himself got a copy of Double Fantasy LP signed by Lennon himself. Later in the court, when this was put up as strong evidence against Chapman, the value of the signed copy increased and it currently holds a value of $525,000. Such drama to end a story.

Most of the autograph dealers try keeping these antique items to enhance their portfolio and hence keeps hunting for sellers who would give it to them. The more extensive the collection, better the reputation. From collecting autographs to preserving them, this is all about passion, and only a few nurtures it in the world that gives value to digitalization.

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