Martin Lloyd Sanders Presents You the Details of Los Angles

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Los Angeles nicknamed as “City of Angels” is a vibrant and lively metropolis of Southern California, The US and famous for its cultural and financial values and its best tourist attraction. Los Angeles is positioned in a huge coastal basin bounded on three sides by mount ranges. Los Angeles is also regarded as the origin of the American film and television industry. It is the home of Hollywood a major iconic center of world entertainment industry; at the same time a remarkable tourist attraction. It is the most populous city in the United States. Martin Lloyd Sanders talks about the climate and special tourist spot of LA.


The climate of Los Angeles is Mediterranean and charming. It observes enough annual rainfall to define it as semi-arid. Los Angeles has plenty of sunshine throughout the year offering a pleasurable and enjoying climate for the tourists. The average maximum temperature varies between 24 to 35 °C.

How you can reach there?

Los Angeles has various entry and exit options by land, sea or by air. Los Angeles International Airport is the biggest and busiest airport in California and is the second busiest airport in the US. It is well connected to all International airports. Bus and train services connect with all major cities of America. Visiting by sea also a good option. Los Angeles is the home to the largest cruise ship terminals. Metro rail services cover 70 metro stations connecting all the interesting places of interest of the tourists.


Los Angeles is a planned city dotted with low-rise buildings. Most construction has a nice look and impressive. Martin Lloyd Sanders says that its roads are wide and made in planned way to avoid traffic jam, and are tourist friendly for visiting.


  • The Hollywood Sign
  • Walt Disney Park
  • Dolby Theatre
  • Griffith Observatory
  • The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
  • The Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Theme Building
  • Hollywood Boulevard
  • Los Angeles City Hall
  • Universal Studios
  • California science center

Los Angeles and its Best Tourist Places:

Hollywood sign: It is an American cultural icon and landmark located in Los Angeles, California. It is situated on Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is spelled out in 13.4 m height white capital letters and is 107.3 m long.

Walt Disney World Park: It is a famous entertainment complex in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, it was opened on October 1, 1971. It covers about 27,258 acres, comprising four theme parks, two water parks, and other entertainment venues, including Disney Springs.

Beverly Hills: A city within Los Angeles, California, known for its many celebrity residents

Dolby Theatre: formerly known as Kodak Theatre, is a live-performance auditorium and entertainment complex in Hollywood. Since its inception on November 9, 2001, the theater has hosted the Academy Awards ceremonies, the Oscars.

Los Angeles Movie Studio: it is located in the Westlake District of Los Angeles, and is a multipurpose facility for filming.

Griffith Observatory: It is a facility in Los Angeles, for astronomical observation

The Santa Monica Bay:  it is generally considered the part of the Pacific Ocean. It consists some of the most famous beaches in the world.


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