Renovating with Timber Flooring – Things you should keep in mind

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When attempting to choose what sort of flooring to use, you have lots of alternatives. Among the best choices is wood. Engineered flooring has a natural, modern look that’s hard to beat. Timber floors are hard-wearing, environmentally friendly, and it adds character to space. With colors that in a big selection of alternatives from a mild honey into some dark, rich brown, a wood flooring can help to keep your home cool in summer and warm in the winter.

Types of Timber

Softwood flooring – These are usually created from pine and possess unique patterns and colors. This may add a mild, breezy component to space in low-traffic places.

Engineered wood – This timber flooring Sydney is built of thicker timbers sandwiched together then laminated with a wood coating. It is a substance that’s secure, mid-priced, may be snapped together without the need of nails often. They may be walked on immediately after installation, and fast and straightforward to install.

Hardwood flooring – This is the most common flooring option. If it comes to price, these floors are a more expensive choice. They are, nevertheless, exceptionally hard-wearing and durable. Based on the visitors in your house, it could be well worth the cost.


Engineered flooring ranges in diameter from 80mm to 120mm. It is possible, but to get up boards to 180mm wide. Larger board generates more of a seamless effect. Additionally, it can help to make smaller rooms appear bigger. Wide boards will also be much faster to put in since there are considerably fewer boards will need to get laid.


To keep them looking great and help in maintenance all wood floors require a protective coating. Polyurethane varnish gives a rough and waterproof finish. It must, however, only be implemented in a well-ventilated area. A quick drying option is water-based acrylic varnish that will emit much fewer fumes during software.

Both oils can be harsh because the need to be re-applied frequently which is a time-consuming procedure.

Conditioning Wood

Standard maintenance is a priority to maintain your wood floor looking it’s very best. Dusting, vacuuming and cleaning stop grit and grime building up on the finished surface. After cleaning, use as little water as you can dry and cleaning quickly to be able to prevent increasing the moisture content of the wood. Cleaners used on timber flooring Sydney needs to be utilized in the cleaning procedure. Detergent is not ever an excellent idea.

They include property value, flexibility, price efficiency, and excellent visual appeal to your house flooring.

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