Soka Gakkai International Songs- Uniting the World with Musical Harmony

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Soka Gakka International is a leading name when it comes to Nichiren Buddhism in the world. It is a support network for practitioners across the world for practicing Nichiren Buddhist and the principles of The Lotus Sutra. The members here regularly hold discussion talks in their homes where they exchange views, opinions, experience and lectures.

Soka Gakkai International songs- promoting peace, love and compassion

Soka Gakkai International songs are popular among its members for their message of peace, love and harmony. The members of this community promote global peace as they believe in the philosophy of nuclear disarmament. The members sing these songs in unison as they promote brotherhood and bind the people of the world together.

Find songs on YouTube

The community makes it simple for you to find their songs online. There is a list of their top songs on YouTube. You may listen to them and download them for healing and your personal well-being. These songs are sung by artists who believe in the motto of this community. These songs are based on world peace, love and compassion. The members regularly sing them at their meetings and events. These songs are popular across the world and they are sung in almost every language. The songs have been written with deep devotion so that they can effectively spread the message of peace and love to one and all!

Download songs from the website as well

You will also find some of their most popular songs on their website. You will find them in English, Japanese and Hindi. There are also instrumental versions of these songs that you can listen to. If you visit the website of this community you will find a complete list of songs that you may download with music and lyrics. There is also a search string where you may enter the name of the song and find it in minutes. The website is used by all members of this community who love to listen to songs that promote world peace and healing.

10 English songs of Soka Gakkai International

The following are 10 English songs of Soka International you can download-

  1. Voices of Peace
  2. Mission of Your Life
  3. Be Brave
  4. Prayer for Peace
  5. Ode to joy
  6. Runners for Justice
  7. Rising Up
  8. Blossoms of Soka University
  9. Well Go On and
  10. Oh Mother

These songs can be listened to online before you can download them. They are the top English songs that you can listen to during meditation. They make your mind calm and help you focus on the positive in life over the negative that brings in depression and misery.

Listening to Soka Gakkai songs invokes a deep sense of inner peace in you. Your mind becomes clear and you start to ignore the outward pleasures of the world to bring you happiness. You will feel inner joy and bliss when it comes to living your life with meaning and value with yourself and others around you as well!

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