Successful Event Planning and Smart Tips From David Gordon Fried To Achieve It

Written by Cathrine

Any business meet or successful corporate event finds its success only when the entire planning and execution is being done in a synchronized manner, and there’s enough efficiency seen in it. Getting a particular event planned and launched can actually make even the most capable of persons go nervous, since there’s not just one thing to take of. However, many people take up this profession as their choice, and having learnt the tricks, this is not a bad career option at all. In fact, David Gordon Fried , a successful event planner believes that in the world of corporatism, where everyone wants to put limelight on themselves, these events can actually help them launch their services and products in the best of the platforms.

A Quick Touch and Pass by David Gordon Fried through the Smartest Event Planning Tips

So before even getting down launching an event, as an event planner, you need to have an image in your mind. What exactly do you want your event look like? Is there any theme which you would like to have focused? Or do you want to keep it simple and focus more on the content of the event? Why exactly is this event being held? What are the necessary preparations you believe must be taken before getting down working on it? All of these are some of the serious questions which you must consider at one. However, you must not forget that beneath your event, it is the goodwill of your company that is being kept withheld, and along with it, there must be enthusiasm and excitement showcased well.

Most of the events are held to strengthen relationships, be it a familiar event or a corporate one, there must be enough warmth in the event which helps in bringing the people together. There are some basic parameters which are a must check while planning an event.

  • Having the check list is essential as that will allow you to progress step by step.
  • Never forget to have a budget for your event as that will help you to know where to limit your expenses, and how to utilize the extra finance. The better documented and recorded you stay, the better you get from the expenses. However, there will be some expenses which come unexpected, and hence keeping your budget ready for them is essential.
  • Publicity stunt is an essential part of entire event planning process, because if your event is not known by anyone, then it’s a complete failure. So David Gordon Fried suggests keeping some time separately dedicated for marketing and publicity. Advertising means have no bounds in the 21st century digital world and choosing the one that suits your budget and purpose must be picked wisely.

Your event must clearly reflect your purpose, because the success lies beneath this. There are always scopes of improvement every time you set up for a new event, but learning from the mistakes will not do enough. Implementing them correctly the next time is what will make the difference and hence make a successful event planner out of you.

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