Teeth whitening: dentist or spa?

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We have all done it. Some of us may pretend that we haven’t, but we have. That moment when you catch sight of yourself in a mirror, or a window, and you suddenly stop because you had no idea that your teeth were so . . . well, yellow. It happens to all of us eventually, and it is a horrible thing to notice because once you have done, you simply will not be able to stop seeing it in every photo, every smile, every moment that your lips are open. Most people at this stage will decide that they want to get their teeth whitened, and although this is in general an easy and good solution, there are so many different ways that you could get your teeth whitened that it can be difficult to decide exactly how to go about it. But first things first. Why do our teeth go yellow?

The enamel on our teeth is there to protect the inner, more delicate part of our teeth from getting damaged. The enamel is hard and tough, and prevents acidic foods, and bacteria, and plaque from getting inside. However, that does not mean that the enamel does not ever get damaged, and the quickest way that it does is through staining. The stains can come from a variety of places, such as red wine, coffee, or smoking. As we get older, more stains build up so that eventually you can start to see them with the naked eye, and that is the yellowing that you can see. Good dental hygiene every day will help to remove the stains, but for most people, you cannot hold them back forever. Once you have noticed that you have stained teeth, you can think about getting your teeth whitened. But should you get them whitened by a dentist, or at a spa?

On the one hand, a dentist is going to have the medical knowledge to be able to keep your teeth safe and healthy as they go through the whitening process. It is, after all, a dental decision, and you do not want any of that horrible bleach to get anywhere near parts of your body that it shouldn’t! A dentist is someone that you can trust to take the best care of your teeth, but they may not have the best eye for when it comes to the actual whitening. They are far more interested in keeping your teeth healthy, rather than keeping them white.

A spa, on the other hand, is all about the white! They will be able to perfectly color match your teeth to your skin tone, and work out what is the whitest that you can go whilst still looking natural – no one wants to look like an unfortunate Hollywood starlet gone wrong. Unfortunately, a spa will not have the dental and medical knowledge that you hope for when it comes to using potentially corrosive materials, and this can sometimes lead to accidents which are very painful.

So which do you go for? Neither. Look instead for painless dental spa services which offer teeth whitening as they will have the best of both worlds. The spa setting, with everything laid out comfortably and with luxury in mind – alongside dental professionals who have all of the same training as any dentist you would go to at a dental practice. These painless dental spa services are very popular for this very reason, as they remove the problem of having to choose between looking good and feeling good. Trusting in painless dental spa services will do you the world of good, and transform your teeth from yellow to hello!


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