Which Netball Position is Most Suitable for You?

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Netball is a great game for players of all ages, and whether you are starting out, or getting back in to the game, there is sure to be a position that will best suit you. Let’s take a look at the different position on the court so you can work out where best you fit in.

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Defence Positions

Goalkeepers are usually the tallest players on the court and are also the more physical. They need to aggressively protect the goal post and must not be afraid of getting in front of the opposition and blocking them off.

Goal defence works closely with the goalkeeper and acts as a support. GD players must be able to defend on their own too, and block passes and pass the ball to their own attack players in order to move it down the court.

Wing defence players have a job that is two-fold and often close observation of a netball drill training video such as those available at clearly outlines what is required. Wing defence players must be good at ball control and marking their wing attack opponent, as well as be ready to intercept the ball from centres and playing backup to the attackers.

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Shooting Positions

The goal shooter needs precise and direct shooting skills that can help them score from multiple positions within the circle. As the popularity of this sport grows, more women refine their shooting skills, as this is one of the most popular positions which is ultimately very satisfying, yet highly pressured.

The goal attack must also have strong shooting ability and plays back up to the shooter. In addition to defending from the wing, the goal attack needs quick reactions, as they may have to move from defence to shooting in one play.
Attacking and Mid Court Positions

The centre is the team’s engine and manipulates how the game plays out,. They are often the smallest players on the team and can move swiftly from play to play. Good ball handling skills are an essential and centres often handle the ball the most.

Wing attacks are the centre’s wing (wo)man and need to have great passing and ball handling skills. They also need to be quick on their feet and be able to beat their opponent’s wing defence to the ball regularly.

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