Why Peter Max Believes that Arts Educations Must Be Made Compulsory In Schools?

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Art might not be capable of solving the problems but gives one the exposure to face them in reality- believed one of the legendary painter and practitioner of fine arts. However, it has been seen that arts education that is being provided in the schools adequately, can indeed help in solving multiple problems. Years of research work has been carried out, and each one of these research works has come up with one typical response from the parents or their voice across the nation. Each one of them wants their kids to have a full growth which will include not only academic achievement but also a social and emotional development that will help these children have the civic growth in them.

Some of the essential involvement in arts is associated with certain gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, or even the verbal skills. It has also been proved that students who have gone under serious art training for years together are better in motivation, and the concentration they can put to work, and the confidence they find in themselves is far better than their counterparts who do not. It helps these kids gain the power to connect with the people genuinely, and does have an eye which opens up multiple ways of seeing.

How does an art study help the society to form? Peter Max , who is not just a fine art specialist, but also has multiple exhibitions in his name, believes that it is only an art form that can transgress all the borders, and can help the society fuse with one another. The students who are categorized as underprivileged and come from the financially less affluent strata of the society gets to mix with the kids who are contradictorily rich, and they get to share their feelings and emotions among each other.

It is indeed a great thing that finally Education has taken up the motif which says, that no child must be left behind. Even though there have been budget constraints for most of the schools to carry out the art education, and also though the figures have been slipping away in the last three decades, arts education is struggling hard to make its place in every classroom possible.

Peter Max has pointed out one crucial fact strikingly, and that makes a huge difference in the perception of an entire generation. Currently, the world has got a couple of generations of teachers and parents who haven’t had the privilege to have arts education. And that might make the difference. Those who have been lucky enough to find one must realize the importance and take the oath to have not a single parent in future who has not gone through it.

The dimensions of relationships ought to get better with everyone having the experience of arts education. The connection is not only reliable but undoubtedly an achievement in itself. The more you go through it, the better you realize it.

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